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We believe that it should be easy to find products that work, from Black owned & Black targeting businesses that care.

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Benefits and Features

Welcome! Your business is on its way to becoming the newest webstore on PurchaseBlack.com.

At PurchaseBlack.com, you are in full control of your prices, your promotions, and much more. Our simple, high-quality platform allows you to represent your products in the best light possible. We even walk you through every step with our easy help videos.

Best of all, getting started is Free!

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PurchaseBlack.com DOES NOT charge you to get started or to upload your products. We don’t make any money until your products sell.

Your business has zero risk.

Let's talk about your Webstore!

About Your Webstore

Your webstore is filled with excellent features including its own web address and landing page with all of your products proudly on display. Have a look at how your Webstore Page will look.



Your Business Name

The name of your business will be at the top of your own landing webpage

Your Custom Web Address

Choose your custom URL when you apply and it will be a direct link to your webstore

Your Business Logo

Upload your logo and it will show in your webstore and product pages

Your Business Description

Describe your business & tell customers why they should buy your products

Your Products

All of your products will be proudly displayed in your webstore
PurchaseBlack Webstore Page

You Control Everything about Your Products in Your Easy-to-Use Webstore

PurchaseBlack Product Page

Your Product Page has everything customers need to buy your products including a simple, user-friendly design. Let's see how your product page will look.



Your Product Name

Full name of your products sits high on your product page

Your Logo

You logo shows on every product page from your Webstore and links back to all of your products

Pay with PayPal™

Customers can use their PayPal™ account or their Credit/Debit cards

Social Media Share Buttoms

Customers can share your products on their social networks quickly and easily

Product Images

One or more views of your products are on display on your product page

Product Information

Multiple tabs of information about your products

Positively Impacting the African American Community

How Your Webstore Works

Your PurchaseBlack.com webstore will be an additional Easy-To-Use, low effort location where new customers can discover your products. Let's talk about how orders and payments work in our Five Easy Steps


Customers buy your products through your webstore on PurchaseBlack.com
PurchaseBlack sends the order directly to your email address and to your PurchaseBlack.com seller login area along with a PDF of the packing slip & all important details.
You ship the order to the customer within 1 to 3 days of receipt, and save the tracking number
You log into your PurchaseBlack.com Seller Account and enter the tracking number for the order. This sends a tracking email to the customer, and marks the order for payment to you.
On PayOut Days (1st, 11th, and 21st of each month) PurchaseBlack sends money to your PayPal™ account minus our commission & transaction fees
Our costs are simple and straight forward. Getting started is Easy and Absolutely Free. When your products sell:
1. We receive a commission of 10% of the sale price,
2. The transaction fees, which are the standard 2.9%+$0.30 cents card processing fee
3. $1 fee on payout days to transfer to your PayPal™ account. 
If you don’t generate sales, none of this is charged, making PurchaseBlack.com zero-risk for your business!

Seize The Moment! Get Your Webstore Started in Just A Few Moments!

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PurchaseBlack Brings Greatness
PurchaseBlack.com has been seen by millions on television and radio through NewsOne Now with Roland Martin™, BET.com™, BlackNews.com™ and many others!

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“I created this business for us, to make a better way to buy and sell, and to get the products we want from companies that care."

- Brian Williams, Founder

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